Three-Day: Advanced SEO Training



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Three-Day: Advanced SEO Training



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Still not showing up on Google – Yahoo and Bing?

Relax! You’ll discover the most effective SEO techniques in days – not weeks – at the Orange County Search Engine Academy.


Ready to learn search engine optimization in a small hand’s on class so you can Generate more Traffic, Get more Clicks and increase your revenue? Have you struggled to figure out the “secrets” of getting to the top of the search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing, you don’t have to any more. As a workshop participant, you’ll learn the power of SEO in our hands-on approach to search engine optimization training. You will work on your own websites in class, with expert step-by-step guidance. Helping you along, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to beat your competition. At the Orange County Search Engine Academy, we offer:

You can take our two-day SEO Training Workshop, three-day SEO Training Workshop, or five-day SEO Training Workshop in our classroom at our Newport Beach, California accredited training center. If you’re looking for customized or corporate SEO / SEM on-site at your company’s location, our trainers will come to you.

Here are the highlights of what you’ll learn at the Orange County Search Engine Academy:

Learning Path:

The Essentials Basic SEO Workshop provides you with two full days of instruction, practice, and workbook materials to ensure you have the basics that will guarantee results. The techniques taught during the Essentials Basic workshop do not require technical knowledge or HTML (hypertext markup language). You’ll practice and learn our easy six-step approach to getting results right away, and much, much more

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The Advanced SEO Training Workshop is a more in-depth program designed for the person who already basic SEO skills. In the advanced program, you’ll learn how to overcome personalized search engine results that stymie even professional SEOs. You’ll learn advanced keyword forensics and research, and with these skills, you’ll discover keywords that others consistently miss, and go right to the top. Discover how social media can be a powerful key to getting traffic and search engine results even more quickly that rote “SEO”.

If you’re an individual who wants to gain the most insight into the inner workings of Google, Yahoo & Bing and the other search engines, the Master SEO Workshop gives you a leg up over your competitors, even if they have a professional SEO company working with them. Most students choose the Master SEO Workshop because of all the material that’s covered. In addition graduates of the Master SEO Workshop enjoy another six months of mentoring with the instructor. This way, as you continue to practice your new-found skills, if you have a problem or get stuck, you still have help to keep your techniques fresh.

Earn 4.6 University Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the University of Southern Mississippi by completing the Five-Day Master SEO Training! Many employers will pay for workshops and seminars when they can be taken for CEUs.

The Six-Month SEO Mentoring Program provides Master Level graduates with ongoing support for your SEO skills at no extra cost. As part of your Master SEO Workshop tuition, you’ll have support after the workshop ends. Now you can gain the genuine skills you need right from your local SEO industry expert and continue to learn. This SEO Mentoring Program is worth over US$1500, but it’s included at no cost to all students who sign up for the Master SEO Workshop.

Sometimes, it’s not efficient or practical to send your employees to offsite training. If you’re looking for customized or onsite corporate SEO training programs, our trainers will come to you. We’ll work with you to put together a program that will maximize the efficiency of your employees so they don’t waste their time or your money.

By bringing the SEO training dirtecly to your facility, your company will:

  • Have the freedom to ask any questions without fear of internal information being heard by outside participants in the room (we’re happy to sign an NDA!)
  • Save employee travel expenses
  • Save meal and accommodation expenses
  • Benefit from a customized training program that will meet your specific needs

Learn at your own pace with our Online Mini Courses

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At the SEO Essential Skills Workshop, as a beginner, you will have a thorough grounding in the basics of search engine optimization, which will get you started in using good practices and understanding of the tools. After you pass the final exam, you’ll receive certification showing that you’ve completed the modules and understand the concepts. Essential Skills Workshop Syllabus


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Our five-day master workshop is our most popular course because it is a Complete SEO Workshop. It is a combination of our two-day basic course and our three-day advanced class.


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